Repair » BOSCH » company’s refrigerators


Refrigerators «BOSCH» — have an elegant design and unparalleled quality. In refrigerators of this brand, established electronic equipment which is automatic temperature control. The natural defense against harmful microbes — provide silver ions that are part of the inner surfaces of the doors and walls. However, even such a strong brand refrigeration equipment, has its own weaknesses. The owners of refrigeration equipment company «BOSCH», usually face the following kinds of faults:

  • The control module is out of order. In this case, some of the cells may stop freeze. The temperature in the refrigeration chamber can rise and fall dramatically. Electronic refrigeration unit «BOSCH» sensitive to disruptions in the grid, and suffers electronic module technology.
  • Motor-compressor refrigerator is functioning erratically, and it turns on and turns off sharply. This may not work freezers.
  • clogged drain hole through which the condensate is drained into a container under the refrigerator. In this case the refrigerator can leak. On the drain hole is formed frost.

Refrigerators «BOSCH» quite intelligent, especially if it is a model with electronic equipment. If any damage, your technique will give you an error code or a squeak on the screen. If the problem is connected with the temperature conditions, the temperature indicator lights «Alarm».

Your refrigerator squeaked, and an error screen, please call our specialists, and make repairs to the house of the refrigerator Bosch. You can try to repair the refrigerator by yourself, but we recommend to entrust your precious equipment in the hands of our skilled professionals.

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