Vestfrost FX 585 M Maestro — what is it?


This refrigerator immediately attracts the attention of the unusual coloring. The fact that the doors of this model are made of black glass, which gives a bright unusual design. Maestro will be a real decoration of your kitchen and not only because of the appearance.


This refrigerator can save on electricity, as it relates to the A + energy efficiency class. Also, it saves your costs and special regime «Leave». It is provided in the event of prolonged absence of the owner. In this mode, the refrigerator consumes minimal power and maintains a particular temperature, which can be stored in some products. And during your absence will be no odor due to the prolonged shutdown of the device.


No Frost mode eliminates the debilitating defrosts. Superfrost and supercooling mode helps save all the useful vegetables and fruits. A temperature display allows to accurately track and monitor the storage conditions. Moreover, in the refrigerator, a special zone of freshness or, in other words, with zero-temperature zone which is ideal for the storage of certain products (sausage, herbs, cheese).

Reliable and practical

Often it is necessary to make repairs because of unreliable components, but not repair Vestfrost refrigerators. Shelves FX 585 M Maestro made of high-strength glass. This material is not only beautiful, but also able to solve several problems at once.

  • The first such shelves is much easier to keep clean.
  • Secondly, they are protected against leakage and no moisture to penetrate to the lower facing products.
  • Third, this material, despite its apparent fragility, is very durable and can withstand loads of up to twenty kilograms.


Vestfrost care about your security, providing protection function of children, that is blocking some parts of the instrument. After all, your baby curiosity can lead to costly repairs Vestfrost refrigerators.

This refrigerator may well be an excellent acquisition. He does not just decorate your kitchen, but also make an ordinary storage products is very reliable and convenient in every way.

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