How to eliminate unpleasant smell of the refrigerator

Как устранить неприятный запах из холодильника

The problem of fumes in the refrigerator and the freezer is not only a sensitive sense of smell, but also a real threat to health and culinary delights. The smell caused by bacteria, which will eventually settle in plastic micro cracks, leaking passed all closed products from which they lose their flavor, aroma, and even can be infected with something unhealthy.

Causes of bad breath

Most often it occurs in old refrigerators, and this is due to tiny injuries in the casing of the camera. In conventional washing there may be bacteria, mold spores and small pollutants that interact and create for themselves living environment. To flavor does not appear, you need to wash regularly shelves, walls and all the details of the device, and, certainly with chemicals. Only they are capable of penetrating deep into the cracks, effectively fight the growth of bacteria. Plus the constant use of odor absorber for the fridge, and you will always smell the freshness of the Arctic, and not a mixture of culinary delights.

However, an unpleasant odor may be in a new refrigerator. This so-called technical aromas. The fresh smell of the plastic production. The reason for that are the residual chemical compounds used in the production of home appliances and plastic in general. Over time, they are vaporized and removed by washing, and a refrigerator stops to smell technically. However, to get rid of this bad neighborhood and you can ahead of time by careful washing and all of the same absorbers as further details.

5 ancestral methods to get rid of odors in the refrigerator

Most of these methods are known from the time of our grandmothers, but nevertheless they prove to be effective.

  1. Vinegar: First place deservedly occupies acetic acid. Some advise diluted ordinary vinegar 1: 1 with water, but then he will cope with only a very weak flavor. If you want to get rid of the ingrained smell, which is already very noticeable passed products may be used undiluted acetic acid, perhaps even medical. Be sure to use with gloves, so as not to damage the skin, and cover the respiratory organs of the fumes. After application wait for 5 minutes and wipe all surfaces with ordinary baking soda. The smell will disappear immediately and permanently. It is also possible to rub all surfaces acid and after another and put in a couple of hours in a closed glass refrigerator acetic solution, but in the case of the acid would no longer be necessary.
  2. Ammonia: Effectively helps ammonia solution with water 1: 100. They wipe all surfaces of the refrigerator and freezer, and then wash off with water.
  3. Soda: Baking soda is also quite effective in the fight against microbes that release the smell, though inferior to the two previous methods. To handle the refrigerator this method need to rub the wet ash all surfaces, leave for a few minutes and rinse with water.
  4. Coffee: both technical and biological unpleasant odor and absorbs perfectly perebet coffee. Grains can be put on a shelf in an open container or suspended to the grid in breathable fabric pouch.
  5. Onions: The most controversial of the antiquated methods. As it should always keep in the refrigerator in an open vessel onion cut in half. It is exactly the same as coffee absorbs odors, but also disinfects the air. The downside is that the bulb itself exudes a lasting fragrance that seems enjoyable to everyone.

How to remove odor from the refrigerator: modern methods

For old-fashioned methods were joined by modern methods, and now totally not be difficult to solve the problem of how to remove the smell from the refrigerator.

  1. Modern chemical cleaners and detergents are not very expensive and their long enough.
  2. Air fresheners and odor absorbers — the perfect way to get the smell did not appear, so it is best to use after thorough cleaning and removal of odors. Then the smell of new products are absorbed by the absorbent and does not accumulate. The cost of such agents ranges 300-700 tenge range depending on the design and the presence of the air freshener.
  3. Ozonizers now, mostly, can be ordered from online stores, and on the usual selling points they rarely meet. Produces ozone and maintain the level sufficient to disinfect the refrigerator, but use their best night and day to remove and store out of reach of children.

In fact, the problem of how to remove the smell from the refrigerator, be solved quickly and without much effort. And to such a need did not arise, store food in closed containers and use absorbent absorbers.

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