Proper care the Washing Machine

Правильный уход за стиральной машиной

About care of the washing machine we think when it simply fails. Well, if it can be repaired, but it happens that we have to buy a new one. If this happens to you, after the purchase of a new, still figure out how to provide care for a washing machine that lasts longer and washed with high quality.

It is important to set the machine — this will help to avoid excessive vibration during the spin cycle. It requires to put it on a level and hard to fix the leg lock nuts on the hard floor. Do not place the washing machine on a smooth tile, it is best to put under her thin, but tough rubber mat.

Do not overload the machine over application of the rules. If you are not able to weigh the laundry, remember: full load for coarse linen — it is completely filled, but not compacted drum. Maximum load for washing of synthetics — it is half full drum, but when washing wool — drum fills to third.

On the durability of the washing machine is directly influenced by the quality and quantity of the detergent that you use, so pay attention to how much detergent should be added at a specific wash mode, and follow these rules. If the tray has the remains of powder detergent, then they should be removed.

To clean the washing machine and wash, do not use solvents — after the end of the washing machine to wash with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth. When the machine is not in use, be sure to unplug it from the electrical outlet and disconnect the water supply system (shut off valve).

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It is important to protect the washing machine and lime. The anti-scaling, which can be purchased in the store, removes limescale from the surface of the tank and the drum of the washing machine, but its particles can get into the laundry, the goal level switch hose and cause a small flood. Observe the reasonable limits in the use of anti-scale and the rules for their use.

To improve the quality of water and combat limescale used: — filters, purifies and softens water. They are placed in front of the direct supply of water in the washing machine; — Magnetic transducers (MAO). They are designed for water treatment field of the permanent magnets to prevent and eliminate scale already deposited in the washing machine. — Also used by the chemical processing of the concentrated acid mixture during idling of the washing machine. Such a method is not more than 2.3 times a year to be applied. Furthermore, it is not suitable for washing machines tanks with enamel (only steel and plastic).

In addition, starting to wash, well study the operating instructions of your assistant and find out some of the nuances that the instruction does not. And remember, machine washable recommended only those things that are allowed to machine wash.

For example, it says the maximum amount of laundry for a bookmark. But about a minimum of things not said. In fact, in the washing machine can be washed at least one handkerchief. One thing to note: the small things during washing may fall between the tub and the drum and turn into rags. Therefore, they must be packaged in a cloth bag and fasten well.

Before washing, it is necessary to sort the laundry. Heavily soiled items recommended to be washed separately. Do not wash with dark and light colored clothes or, as it may cause staining light linen. It can not be machine washable items contaminated by oil products.

If used for cleaning linen volatile liquids (such as gasoline, kerosene), before washing in the machine they must be thoroughly dried in the air, as getting into a car explosive solvents.

It is recommended to wash with the laundry of different sizes (eg sheets, underwear, etc.). This will improve the quality of washing and during spinning the laundry evenly distributed on the drum.

Before washing, ensure that foreign pockets of clothing items were not included in the drum (eg, money, lipstick, cufflinks, chewing gum, etc.).

Metal objects (for example, buckles, chains, accessories) can give rust. Therefore, it is desirable to remove. Moreover, such articles during washing could damage the laundry. Before washing the laundry need to undo the buttons, but fasten all the buttons and the «lightning.» Linen, having reinforcing elements (bras, corsets, etc.), as well as a very fine linen should be washed by placing it in a special linen bag.

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