Repair of refrigerators of firm «Vestfrost»


With each coming year, home appliances becoming more complex and technologically. With each passing day, it becomes difficult, to repair equipment by hand with minimal knowledge about the repair of refrigerators. Today, in the refrigeration equipment repair, in the course are diagnosed special equipment and electronics.

Danish manufacturer Vestfrost, under the leadership of founder Arne Hoyviga, entered the refrigeration market in 1963 under the slogan of unsurpassed quality. Refrigerators of the company, marked itself as the guarantor of high environmental performance. For example, the model «Vestfrost BKF 350″, has been awarded a license to use the mark «Ekolabel Europe.»

Models Vestfrost refrigerators have the original design, as well as a wide color palette, which attract a lot of buyers. Technology guarantor of 5 years of uninterrupted service.

After the warranty period, the Vestfrost refrigerators, sometimes there are some failures, which may require the replacement of certain parts. Spare parts from other refrigerators are not suitable to Vestfrost model. Therefore, such a prestigious technique requires only original spare parts.

Produce high-quality refrigerator repair Vestfrost, and replace defective parts with new original, will help service digging «Snowflake». You will receive a free call Mr. repairs on the house, to the specified address. Repair Vestfrost refrigerator will be made at the rates specified in the price list.

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