Repair «Liebherr» company’s refrigerators


Even the most reliable and high-quality equipment, and especially such as Lihber, which in addition to refrigeration equipment, aerospace equipment manufactures can sometimes give some glitches if during her service, the rules on the operation of the technique have been violated.

The family business, Hans Lihbera was formed in 1949. While a small company engaged in the production of tower cranes. The first refrigeration equipment company launched in 1954. Technique, in a moment won respect throughout Europe with reliable quality and German precision. 1971 was marked by a high technological breakthrough, namely the release of the first models of refrigerators, fully equipped with electronic equipment, with automatic cooling system in the company’s history.

The company would like to achieve ecological balance. Since 80-ies of XX century, Lihber strive to reduce harmful refrigerant influence on the global environment. This aspect is taken into account, even in matters of maintenance and replacement of coolant to prevent its toxic effects by performing the repair of the refrigerator.

Long-term experience of «Sneginka» allowed to accumulate a wealth of practical knowledge of breakdowns and repairs arising from working with refrigerators Lihber. Our service specialists to quickly and accurately eliminate any malfunction. The most common ones include:

  • Problems with the operation of the control unit. In this case, the master refrigerator repair, shall replace the unit at the customer home.
  • formation of a large cake of ice on the equipment housing.
  • Exit from the temperature sensor failure, and which will report the error code F. This damage usually eliminate the replacement of the temperature sensor.
  • Failure of the thermostat. Repair Specialists are replacing a new one, the original item.

There are other types of faults associated with the operation Lihber refrigerators. Which is kind of damage, you will be able to tell the master of «Snowflake» after the diagnosis of your equipment, then you will be presented by the cost of its removal.

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