Home appliance repair from "Sneginka" company in Almaty сity

Home appliance repair may be required for each person. The life of modern man is almost impossible to imagine today without a variety of household appliances. So when they break down, it is not always possible to bring them to the workshop or service center, especially if the warranty period is ended. And then a man comes to the aid of such service as the repair of household appliances at home.

Repairing shop "Sneginka" will give a new life to your home appliances within a short space of time! Repair of air conditioners, repair of household refrigerators and washing machines, as well as repair dishwashers held a workshop for repair of household appliances directly to the customer home, the problem is eliminated mainly in the day of order. Addiction to repair of household appliances, our company provides services for its servicing. It includes: cleaning of air conditioners, filling freon to cooling systems and cooling chambers, cleaning filters of washing machines and much more.

Before at the beginning of any work we perform hardware diagnostics. This service is free.

You will be pleasantly surprised: the speed of service, reasonable prices for each type of repair, the ability to repair in your home or in your office, as well as the expertise of the master. It shows the owner of the real state of the art machines, stipulates the ways of solving the problem and choose the best option according to your wishes. Back in our workshop for repair of home appliances, you can use this service as the repair of electric stoves in the house.

Apply for the repair of home appliances in Almaty can be possible any day of the week. We will come to your aid and help you to solve the problems of breakage. The workshop is waiting for you on home appliances repair. You can rely on us!

Why choose us?

Быстрый ремонтПрофессиональные мастераЗаявка на ремонтСамая выгодная цена

Repair as soon as possible

Our team consists only of professionals

Your application you can leave on the phone, or via the special form of com-munication

The best value for money factor in Almaty

Оригинальные запчастиРемонт на домуГибкий графикГарантия на работу

The wide range of both original and analog parts of the highest quality

Repair going on in the cli-ent's home

We have a flexible work schedule

All work provided an ad-ditional guarantee

Our repairing shop issue a warranty for the work and replacement parts for three months. During this time, it checks how the replaced part, and it turns out the presence of the factory marriage. One year warranty, which can promise our competitors - is a beautiful fairy tale, but in reality it would be quite wrong. After all, only plants manufacturers of new appliances issue a warranty with this term. Our Master Technician have conscientiousness and professional skills, and repair on the road is quite convenient and popular!

You are appealed - we are responded

It is essential that repairs with home visits carried out as soon as possible. It is quite difficult to live without appliances. To do this, we have made the service as convenient as possible - the master arrives at the same day.

Save more

In each case, we provide to the customers a discount of different sizes, depending on the final price and the complexity of the repair work.. This will help you really save your money. Take advantage of this nice bonus!

Diagnostics is free

You do not know what's wrong with your technique? The master will guide diagnosis, and it will not take no extra charge. Of course, provided that you will carry out further repairs.

Fair repair

All manipulations are carried out during the hotfix, we provide absolutely honest. We only have serviceable parts of good quality, no fraud, and specifically high prices. Contact to our repairing shop!


Paid? Obtain a guarantee for installed spare parts and completed work. The term of the real guarantee is a three months from the date of completion of the repair. Warranty repairs are free of charge. No cheating!


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