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We are engaged in the repair of refrigerators, both imported and produced in Russia. The cost of repairs for the refrigerator, can often cover half the cost of the consumer model. Therefore, the first stage of repair is diagnostic. Our master will come to your house and spend as much as possible the full diagnostic repair. If the repair is expensive, you can refuse. Find out the approximate cost you can out of our price list posted below. The exact price of the refrigerator repair call the master after the inspection.

To make an order for the repair of the refrigerator, you can call on the phone on the website. Our masters will perform repair of refrigerators qualitatively and in the shortest possible time. We give a guarantee on the work performed.


ItemThe cost in tenge
Diagnosis of the refrigerator — in case of repair
if the repairs are not carried out the call 2000 tenge
replacement of compressor
price depends on the power of the brand and the motor-compressor
from 28 000
replacement of thermostat
the price depends on the model of the refrigerator
from 10 000
repair of refrigerator evaporator
work plus parts
from 10 000
repair of electronic circuits (module)
It depends on the model of the refrigerator and breakage
from 10 000
freon refill, repair leaks, replacement of the capillary tubes
Price depends on the separate technical difficulties
from 10 000
replacing defrost timer
It depends on the model of the refrigerator
from 10 000
the fan repair
It depends on the model of the refrigerator
from 8 000
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