How to eliminate the smell at washing machine?

Как устранить запах в стиральной машине-автомат?

Have you ever see a picture: wash over, and the bathroom is becoming a characteristic   saprogenicmell like you dumped the old wet rag somewhere in a dark corner? It is likely that this is a «hello» transmits your washing machine. As a rule, remove the smell relatively difficult, as the sources of its occurrence in the washing machine a lot.

How to eliminate unpleasant smell in the washing machine?

First of all, once again go through the typical errors of housewives, for the purchase of expensive equipment requires its competent use. In the list below we discuss in detail exactly how unpleasant smell arises, and in your power in order to eliminate this phenomenon in the washing machine.

Never leave the machine cover is closed after unloading. How good it would not work plums, moisture will stay inside and she needs to evaporate. Therefore, during the day, after washing it is desirable to keep the car in the ventilation mode. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever invited a master for prevention? About the same and we treat their health: is nothing to be concerned, to the clinic or foot. And yet, cleaning of the drain hose, filters and drum on the scale — it is necessary to wait for the flavors and not worth it. When these parts are constantly monitored, an accumulation of bacteria and dirt are avoided.

Often the removal of odor is reduced to an explanatory talk about the washing machine in the apartment with the mistress. It is necessary to understand the use of the machine as a laundry basket. To do this, you should not. Even if it is dry stuff, the specific smells of underwear and socks, sooner or later will be felt. It usually helps to run the machine at the maximum temperature of the powder, but in idle mode, paired with the purchase of a basket of dirty laundry.

Sometimes guided by the «more is better» Container washing machine for chemical fills to capacity, then we can not remove the smell. You have to understand that even the water is not able to dissolve the powder completely when you pour more than the specified norms. Yes, and the powder is not always such a good quality. Again, we run the machine in idle mode at maximum temperatures, but with a different powder. It should be even possible to pull out a small container with compartments for chemistry and wash it separately.

Often we wonder why there is a smell, it is in the summer time to complete the operation of the washing machine. All the matter in the wash mode. When this summer delicate and thin fabrics, we are trying to expose the temperature is lower, which leads to the accumulation of dirt and powder residue. It helps in this case cleaning. But the use of chlorine bleach and citric acid, we will not. It has long been proven that the harm from them is much more than good. The drum is put a few tablets for the dishwasher, put out the hottest mode.

Why there is odor in the washing machine?

However, not always the fault becomes negligent attitude to technology. Breakdowns it is quite normal. How to eliminate the smell in the washing machine? For example, when water is not heated completely to the schedule, and the powder settles in the very machine.

When the hose is locked in the wrong position, draining is carried out incompletely. As a result, you have a pleasant smell in the bathroom, and the technique needed a new hose. Cleaning the heating element must be your good habit, and cleaning frequency tells you the master himself. It will depend on the aggressiveness of use of machinery and the water hardness in the region. And finally, sometimes to eliminate the smell of means to intervene in the piping system of the washing machine, as the water at the end of work for one reason or another did not go through.

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