Repair «LG» company’s refrigerators

LG Electronics USA.  (PRNewsFoto/LG Electronics USA, Inc.)

«LG Electronics» provides its customers a wide range of models of refrigerators. Refrigerators «LG» with «Bottom Freezer» bottom freezer allow to freeze major products that make them quite comfortable. Refrigerators with the function of the direct cooling «Direct Cooling» have antibacterial inner coating. Refrigeration equipment is equipped with a system of «No Frost», which eliminates their owners from frequent defrosting equipment.

But each model «LG» refrigerators, as it may be different, may sometimes give some glitches. GR-389 model often fails as a blockage of the capillary tube with the refrigerant circuit. GR-449 model sometimes gives capillary cracks. Typically, such a problem often arises in the summer because of high temperatures, which renders the load on the compressor and other elements, and components of the refrigerator. For Model 419 series is characterized by the formation of Carroz on the switch contacts. This happens due to the fact that the sensors are arranged in series inside of the refrigerating chamber. In this case, the masters of replacing switches.

To extend the life of your refrigerator, you need to follow are not complicated manual. For example, to avoid repair of the compressor, it is recommended to use a two-chamber freezer refrigerator model, no more than 24 consecutive hours in a mode of deep freeze.

If you are faced with the above defects, we recommend not to do repair the refrigerator  by yourself  LG, since the equipment of the brand, has special characteristics. Entrust your equipment by our experienced professionals, and they are in a very short period of time, make a diagnosis, and breathe new life into your technique.

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