Descaling the washing machine from heating element


One of the most common problems of the washing machine, resulting in its failure, is the formation of scale on the heating element — PETN (tubular electric heater). What does this trouble can happen both with a cheap machine, and with the expensive brand. After all, here plays a crucial water quality. And we have it is not perfect and contains various impurities and solids. The presence of a large layer of scum on PETN also increases the amount of electricity consumed.

Over the years, the use of washing machine, these substances accumulate on the surface of the heating element. Scale formation can lead to the complete failure of the machine. However, in your power, if not completely eliminate the formation of scale, or at least reduce its amount. Now, there are several such methods.

You can use a physical way. For this purpose, a hose, through which in the washing machine water is supplied, installed a special magnet system that generates a magnetic field. Passing the water through such a field changes its structure that promotes formation of less harmful impurities therein.

Also on the shelves you can find a variety of chemical additives that are insoluble particles break down in contact with water and soften its structure. This helps to greatly extend the life of the washing machine and the heating element. Before using such substances should become familiar with the machine manufacturer’s recommendations. And given the fact that using this method of protection against limescale, you have to spend a significant amount of money, because you will constantly use supplements.

If you are not promptly taken care of the protection of his «assistant», and PETN formed plaque, then you can remove it and «hands». To do this, partially disassemble the machine and remove the element. Then scrape off all the scum. However, much can damage the device at such purification process.

However, it should be borne in mind that the repair of washing machines is better to trust the professionals. As modern units are equipped with a sufficient number of electronics, when carrying out self-repair can only harm them. And then the amount of repairs will increase significantly.   Repair workshop equipment «Sneginka», not only carries out the repair of washing machines at home in Almaty, but also provides a guarantee on their work!

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