Antibacterial coating in refrigerators


Antibacterial coating — a kind of novelty in the world of refrigeration, which is a special coating with a compound of silver ions that provides antiseptic properties and prevents harmful bacteria and mold breeding. Antibacterial coating invisible to the eye because of its thickness of only 70-100 microns.

Accumulation of odors in the refrigerator, often becomes a cause proliferation of microbes and bacteria that accumulate in cracks and on the walls of the refrigerator. Sometimes, even after the complete purification technique with detergents, odor remains in place.

Malicious bacteria proliferate due to the storage of products in the refrigerator dirty packages, at least from the dirty hands. Reproduction of bacteria leads to the appearance of an unpleasant smell, the appearance of mold and organisms of infectious intestinal diseases. Many owners of refrigerators, it is believed that the low temperature inside the refrigeration cells, destroys harmful bacteria, but they only slow down its growth and development.

It is known that silver has antiseptic properties and kills bacteria. Therefore, manufacturers of modern refrigeration, added equipment technology, a very useful anti-microbial coating with silver ions. Such models can be found out by the manufacturer of the brand «Bosch», where the refrigerator has a silver coating «AgI ON». In «Samsung» refrigeration company, the technology called «Silver Nano».

Thanks to the antibacterial coating, in the refrigerator provides quality storage products. But do not forget that many of the products subjected to heat treatment, and their use must occur before the deadline date, then your favorite technique once will not be unwanted bacteria.

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