Why there is a knock at the «Indesit» refrigeration company?


If you have found out extraneous noise in the refrigerator Indesit, and do not know what to do to get rid of it without having to call the master, it is advisable to learn more about our article.

For a start, it’s worth checking how much exactly is a refrigerator. Most often, the noise in the refrigerator work arises due to the fact that the technique is wrong, or at an angle imperceptible to the eye. In this situation it is necessary to install equipment in the correct position. On the cause of the occurrence of noise can also affect foreign objects that could touch the refrigerator. This may be water pipes, heating the battery, or any other item that prevents the proper functioning of the fridge.

If all of the above reasons are excluded, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal problems in the refrigerator.

The first reason may be fan failure in «No Frost» models equipped with the system. In such a situation, can help out defrosting refrigerator. However, if this method has not given the results may need replacement fan.

If your equipment is working in your home for a long time, the cause of the noise can be loosened attachment.

A key cause of knocking in refrigeration, can be connected with malfunction of the compressor motor. Standard motor operation should consist of 1 share of the work and 2 holiday shares. If this proportion is violated, you should definitely call the master repair the refrigerator at home.

If you have tried on their own to eliminate noise coming from the refrigerator on their own, but do not see positive results, be sure to ask «Sneginka»company, where experienced craftsmen will hold a high-quality diagnosis and eliminate breakage in a refrigerator Indesit in the short term.

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