Types of refrigerators


Depending on the type of compression refrigeration exist, absorption and thermoelectric model.

The first compression refrigerator models, hard-working method of artificial cooling out in the US in 1910. Production models of absorption refrigerators was established in Sweden in 1925. Models thermoelectric refrigerators were produced in the second half of the 50-ies of the XX century.

According to the purpose refrigerators are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Models for the storage of fresh food. In such refrigerators there is no separation of the low-temperature cooling
  2. The models for short-term storage products for three days for a period
  3. Models for medium-term storage, for two weeks
  4. Models for long-term storage for three months

The presence of low-temperature separation and the level of the cooling temperature determines a particular category of the refrigerator.

The air temperature in the refrigerator for short-term storage up to — 6 ° C in models for medium-term storage of food the temperature inside the camera drops to -12 ° C, and in the models for long-term storage temperature is at around -18 ° C. Currently on the market are mostly represented a model for long-term storage products.

By type of construction there are single, double and multi-chamber models of refrigerators.

Single Door Refrigerators are the model, where a single door located compartment for food storage and freezer. These models are designed for small families. Two-compartment refrigerators are provided in front of different doors, and the most popular models among consumers. Multi-chamber model are generally equipped with three chambers with separate doors for storing food, and may also be equipped with additional functions tech.

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