Refrigerator economical class

seven refrigerators certified in seven energetic classes

Most consumers, when buying a refrigerator draw attention to the main characteristics of the equipment, such as volume, price, defrost system and additional modern regimes. However, many people forget that when buying a refrigeration equipment, be sure to take into account the economy class. Making a choice in favor of low price value engineering, a lot of risk to buy a refrigerator with high-class energopotreblyaemosti who forgot to take into account.

Class cost is assigned to each technology, and is determined by international quality standards at the stage of product certification.

International standards emit nine classes of efficiency technology. The most fuel efficient models are labeled refrigerators A ++, and the most energy-intensive refrigerators labeled G. When buying a new refrigerator in the house, of course, should opt for the technique of the symbols A ++, A +, A and B. Refrigerators, consuming a moderate amount of energy designated by the letters C and D. It is not recommended to purchase a refrigeration consumer classes E, F and G, even if they installed the lowest cost in the store. Save when buying appliances once, can be greatly mistaken in the following years, when the refrigerator with the G class, will consume energy is several times greater than machines with a class A +. Thus, it is possible to save on the purchase of equipment, but much is spent during the year on payment of electricity bills.

The class that defines the efficiency of the refrigerator is connected to a number of factors such as: the useful volume, power consumption, the presence of additional modes provide comfort, insulation thickness.

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