Why is air conditioning do not turn on?


In the context of the summer heat, the air conditioning in the purchase of space becomes a real salvation. When unexpected failures in the work of HVAC equipment, it becomes unpleasant fact that you have to lose comfort. Therefore, the owners of air-conditioners seek as soon as possible to find out the cause of the fault and fix it.

The most common reason — this is a problem in the supply voltage. To do this, you must validate the connection to the power supply equipment. If everything is connected correctly, it is necessary to carry out the wiring diagnostics.

If the problem is faulty wiring, where it will be needed repair. During diagnosis, you may find that the network voltage is too low, in which case, it will be necessary to connect the air conditioner through the stabilizer.

Failure of the air conditioner could be due to the simple fact that the batteries are weak in the control panel. This check can be carried out independently — replacing old batteries with a new set.

Conditioning — a complex technological device which may fail due to the plurality of internal failures, including perhaps the failure of the fuse or breaker failure management system, the fan jamming.

Not recommended to repair the air conditioner yourself as to such work requires appropriate knowledge and experience, as well as a set of special tools and devices. In the event of a fault with the air conditioner, be sure to call the company «Sneginka», where the masters of their craft will conduct repair of equipment in the shortest possible time and will make the necessary replacement parts.

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