Climate class of refrigerator


Today the market of home appliances refrigerators presented with an array of modern features and devices. However, an important factor, which should pay attention when choosing a refrigerator — a climate class technology.

Climatic class — a set of requirements that define the features of the environment, such as air temperature and relative humidity in accordance with which, the refrigerator can operate according to the type of climatic zones.


  «NN». Normal climate class.

Optimal climate class that is suitable for the majority of consumers. Operating the refrigerator with the class possible in rooms with temperatures + + 16˚S 32˚S.

«SN». Subnormal climate class.

Operation of refrigeration with subtropical class possible in areas with air temperature 10? C + 32? C.

«ST». The subtropical climate class.

Refrigerators with the climatic class work well in hot regions, where the air temperature in the premises reaches 18˚S from + to + 38? C.

«TT». Tropical climate class.

A suitable temperature for such fridges from + 18˚S to + 43? C. Appliances with climate class is in high demand in a particularly hot and sultry regions.

If the refrigerator will not operate in conditions appropriate to the climatic class, the service life significantly reduced, and the efficiency decreases significantly. It is therefore important, when buying a refrigerator to pay attention to climate class technology. If you have time to notice the refrigerator malfunction or failure of its parts, you must contact the service center «Snowflake», where you will have a detailed consultation and qualitative refrigerator repair.

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