The invaluable role of frog drum of washing machine


The washing machine structure consists of basic parts — a drum, inside which you wash things. Rotation of the drum occurs by means of its key parts — the spider, which is mounted to the tub of the washing machine. In turn, the bearing is a crosspiece, which is responsible for the rotation function. Cross-holding drum, and takes most of the load during the wash cycle.

During wear of bearings and stuffing box, there is often a need to replace the spider of the drum washing machine. There are two reasons that may require replacement of the cross:

  • Poor quality soft material products
  • Lubricant for low quality oil seal

In order to prevent breakage and therefore replace the cross, it is necessary periodically to listen to the sounds that come from the drum during washing. If you hear unusual noises or clatter coming from the drum, then the problem lies in the failure of bearings located in built shaft. Worn bearings can cause damage not only the frogs, but also in other parts of the system. Therefore, if you hear the sound uncharacteristic for the standard operation of the washing machine, we recommend that at the time of requesting service of «Snowflake». You can be absolutely sure about the availability of the necessary parts for your model. Our experts will provide the necessary details to the provision of guarantees, as well as the repair of washing machines will make Samsung, Indesit and other models at a high level.

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