Why does not the refrigerator freeze?


Refrigerator — a technological and functional device, without which it is impossible to imagine modern life complete. However, even the most expensive and advanced technology, the case of some malfunction. The most common problem with people who may face a weak cold coming from the refrigerator.

«Sneginka» company with a similar breakdown, as a rule, address the owners of the company Atlant refrigerators and Biryusa Nord.

Foreign brand refrigerators are also facing such a nuisance. It is often treated with a similar complaint against the owners of refrigerators Ariston, Indesit and Samsung.

The most common reasons for not freezes refrigerator, can be as follows:

Leaking refrigerant or Freon that may occur due to a faulty tube through which coolant passes. Diversion of substances can not be seen or felt as the refrigerant is colorless and odorless.

Partial or complete blockage refrigerant coolantsystem.

Obsolescence or gapping to the refrigerator door seals, so that the temperature inside the refrigerator chamber becomes unstable.

Malfunctions of the motor-compressor, caused by jumps in voltage.

The problems associated with the process of the cooling radiator. Typically, these problems arise in refrigerators «NoFrost» system when the fan stops working due to icing.

Failure of the thermostat.

However, it is worth considering that, before called the true causes of failure, any refrigerator requires careful diagnosis, which can be trusted with skilled «Sneginka» company.

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