Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of cooling


Refrigerators operating by natural circulation of air, usually for storing fresh food, vegetables, fruits, protecting them from drying. In models of the refrigerator, where installed self-defrost actionevaporator regularly maintained a high level of humidity. Accumulated moisture remains inside the refrigerator chamber, exerting a beneficial effect on the storage of products, as well as preventing them from drying out. This method of cooling saves costs associated with storage products.

The refrigerator models self-defrost action vaporizer or wall, the fan is designed to provide instant cooling of fresh produce directly from the following download and restore the specified temperature range after opening the door. Fan promotes intense air circulation between the shelves of the refrigerator chamber, to ensure uniform temperature.

Location freezes inside the walls of certain models of refrigerators, no adverse effects on fresh products, in the form of frost. However, due to low humidity inside the chambers, it is recommended sealed packaging products for preservation by drying. Benefits freezes wall models of refrigerators, we appreciated the owners, which require larger models to store a huge number of products, where there is low humidity indoor air temperature.

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