Damages of refrigeration equipment

Основные неисправности холодильного оборудования

Whatever you say, no one appliance for their importance and significance can not be compared with a fridge. Broken washing machine or vacuum cleaner, of course, an unpleasant surprise, however, considerable domestic problems, it will not cause. Fridge same will soon be felt on the floor with water, food spoilage, which at times have to «relocate» in a water bath or a window.

Despite all the assurances of manufacturers in the «durability» of the proposed equipment, refrigerator broke and broken. The main causes of the fault is not always unscrupulous manufacturers. Any household appliance needs competent and gentle care, and the resulting failure is often associated with improper use of the refrigerator. Remember, most manufacturers do not make the repair in the event that damage caused by incorrect operation.

    Causes fault

Modern refrigerators known brands fail very often, however, the failure still occur. In most cases, the possible failure are dictated by differences electric voltage, therefore, in order to avoid possible problems, it is recommended to purchase a stabilizer. All types of fault can be divided into two types: mechanical and electrical.

The most common failure with which services you face every day — the failure of the thermostat. Such problems occur in both new and older models. This network indicator lamp in the cabinet continues to operate. In this case, the compressor needs to be replaced.

   Damage to the motor-compressor. This fault often occurs due to the fault of the consumer. Most modern brands produce refrigerators with the regime «super cold» or «forced freeze», which is used for immediate freezing of fresh berries, fruits, fish and meat. When this mode is enabled the motor-compressor runs continuously. Newer models are equipped with a special electronic control system that automatically disables this mode at the end of freezing than keeps the motor from overheating. Refrigerators with mechanical control are often not turned off automatically, so if the owner forgets to periodically change the mode, the motor compressor quickly breaks down.

Failure of the electronic unit, located under the top control panel, can be caused by being hit by water, possible leaks, etc. As a result, a short circuit occurs, resulting in a system malfunction. This issue can cause damage to the launch protection relays, motor-compressor.

Refrigerator is not cooling. If your refrigerator has ceased to freeze, to determine the likely cause of the problem is not easy. The first step is to make sure whether the motor-compressor itself works. If the compressor is running, in this case for two reasons, or system, or the motor-compressor over time lost its performance. If the compressor does not work then there may be many reasons: there is no mains voltage, the thermostat is out of order, out of order the starter relay coil burnt motor-compressor. In any case, it is necessary to call a qualified master, who with the help of special devices to quickly detect the fault in your fridge, and who always has available the necessary spare parts or original counterparts.

     It appeared in a certain place snow «coat» in the fridge. You notice undesirable in your fridge — a layer of ice or snow, so-called «coat». The reasons can be many: the first and most easy to forget to close the door tightly refrigerating or freezing chamber, the second is lit lighting in the refrigerator, in the third faulty thermostat and the worst hairline cracks in the cooling system. «Coat» can also freezes because of the poor performance of the compressor motor, which is not able to create a normal gas pressure in the system. In this case, the need to be replaced. Independently such work can not be performed. You must call an expert who is engaged in repair of refrigerators of this particular brand. For your own safety, please call the master, who can advise you, or go home.

The door of the refrigerator is covered loosely. No apparent reason, and the door is not closed in the refrigerator or loosely covered. It requires adjustment door. If you are unable to cope with this problem, and in spite of all your efforts, and the door does not close tightly, call the master.

The refrigerator is going to water. Have you noticed in the refrigerator or under water them. Immediately check all the joints of pipe drainage system to make sure that no one has not moved and is not deformed. Call the master, who will tell you how to do it, and maybe you will be able to fix this problem yourself. Sometimes the water in the refrigerator may occur due to overcrowding in the water tank drain, or it has moved, and the water flows past. You can easily fix this situation themselves. But it is also possible that the container is broken. To replace the damaged container to a new call to the master. He has any spare parts for refrigerators, and the original, and analogues. It is also easily possible to independently correct the cause of the appearance of water in the refrigerator if the drain pipe is clogged. In this situation, using a fishing line, clean it, and then rinse. Another reason — it off for some time electricity, resulting in a defrosting of the refrigerator. Cope with it very easily. You need to wait for complete defrosting the refrigerator, then wash it, wipe dry with a soft cloth, dry with the door open. You can then use the refrigerator again.

   If the red light. If your refrigerator for the red light, it means that the freezer temperature is not lower than 10 degrees below zero. The reason may be simple: You put in the fridge a lot of warm food, and they have not had time to cool off, wait for about 5 hours, and everything will work itself out. And yet — in the first place, always check whether the refrigerator door is closed properly. This may also cause insufficient low temperature. If these two possible situations are not the cause of the problem, in this case, call the wizard. Only a specialist can determine where the problem lies: whether the compressor is switched off too early, or faulty thermostat, or even worse occurred depressurization of the refrigeration system. Only an experienced master can quickly find and fix the problem.

Motor-compressor stopped working. But in this situation it is clear: there is no mains voltage, the thermostat is out of order, out of order the starter relay coil burnt motor-compressor. In any case, it is necessary to call a qualified master, who with the help of special devices to quickly detect the fault in your fridge, and who always has available the necessary spare parts or original counterparts. Motor-compressor may not work due to faulty defrost system, which led to the burning of the thermo-fuse. In this case, we need professional maintenance of the system.

Refrigerator noise and buzzing. The noise in the refrigerator may cause the fan blades defective or grazing the frozen ice, if he NO FROST system (without ine). Often causes noise operation of the engine (motor-compressor). During operation, it gives a strong vibration in the body of the refrigerator. The reason for this engine wear or drying of rubber expansion joints.

Not lit display on the refrigerator. No mains voltage. And often with an electronic display problems arise because of the problems in the electrical network. If there was a sharp power surge could burn control board, mains transformer which gives power to the control board. Obviously, you need a master refrigerator. You save yourself from having to risk the fridge, trying to solve the problem on their own. It is better to entrust this work to a specialist.

Mechanically damaged evaporator. Do not rush the process of defrosting the freezer, eliminating icing with something sharp. This way you can damage the evaporator clean. And if after all this happened, immediately call the master. To his arrival, you must prepare your appliance for inspection and possible repair. First of all, you must disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply and in any case not to include it before the arrival of the master, in order to prevent the ingress of moisture in the motor-compressor. If moisture does not enter the system Your refrigerator can still save. In case of serious damage to the freezer or as a result of ingress of water (moisture) in the cooling system when the engine is running needs to be more serious repairs, which will determine the degree of complexity of the master.

Refrigerator beeps. Refrigerator beeps, it means the emergence of a technical problem. Perhaps the door ajar, possibly faulty one of the thermo-sensor may not leave in the fridge without having to dial the desired temperature mode. Do not rush to turn off the signal. It is necessary to accurately determine the cause of the fault. Only a specialist can determine and set the correct diagnosis. Perhaps this is some kind of a small breakdown. Remove it in time, you protect your fridge from more serious problems, which can result in relatively high costs for you.

The display shows icons or strange symbols. If the display is lit strange symbols which did not exist before, this means that without the expert you can not do exactly. Electronic control systems are quite complex and without additional technical documentation and experience with these devices can not repair.

Unpleasant smell. If you feel in your fridge unpleasant smell, not sin in the refrigerant gas, supposedly coming from the cooling system. Rest assured — this odorless gas. The cause is likely to foods stored in the refrigerator, particularly when there are long periods. To get rid of this problem, you need to turn off the refrigerator, thawed and thoroughly cleaned. Leaving the door open, give it to dry. Remember that you can wash the refrigerator with the help of special tools, which at this time indefinitely. Never leave the refrigerator closed off, otherwise you will never get rid of the odor.

Evaporator covered with frost. Have you noticed that your refrigerator evaporator covered with snow coat. Perhaps leakproof refrigerating chamber due to deformation or damage to the door sealing rubber. In order to solve the problem, firstly, it is necessary for the door hinge mounts accommodate small plates to help adjust the clearance between the rubber and the refrigerating chamber. The necessary form to complete snuggling rubber can buy, if you warm up it. And the easiest way to defrost more often.


Any technology has a warranty period — the period during which the repair or replacement of a defective device free of charge. If your refrigerator has broken down, it is better not to try to fix it yourself. Interference in the work of non-expert system can cause irreversible consequences in the event of a repair which is unprofitable. In all circumstances, are best left to the elimination of breakage of professional customer service. In this case, the master comes to your house, identifies possible causes of the fault by means of visual inspection, evaluates the performance parameters of your equipment, determines the presence / absence of leaks using a leak detector, tells you the nature of the problem, the potential cost and time troubleshooting.

So how do you determine the nature of the problem? Of course, pinpoint the cause can only master of refrigeration equipment, however, some faults are the result of failure of the concrete elements.

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