Repair «Electrolux» company’s refrigerators


In refrigerators Electrolux brand has its advantages and benefits. In the production of the company’s refrigerators use a special device for cooling, which is going from the compressor motor, evaporator and condenser. Further, the capacitor is filled with a cooling liquid, which has a function to pass from a liquid to a gaseous state. Then, gaseous fluid compressor falls in an electric motor, wherein the condenser with concomitant gas is converted into liquid. Thus, circulation takes place, in which the cooling liquid passes throughout the system through the refrigerator chamber and collects heat from the walls of the art, and evaporated again.

The company Electrolux refrigerators are built thermostats that support in the technique required temperature regime. For long-term work of art, the company manufacturers put the unit in a special insulated housing, thus it increases its service life. By means of a radiator mounted on the rear wall of the refrigerator, the heat output is carried out in the environment.

Control and management of the internal temperature of the compressor is engaged in incorporating the control system as needed, which is directly responsible for the thermal relay. This mechanism controls the compressor motor, which can turn off and on again, if the changing temperature in the refrigerator storage chambers.

To refrigerators Electrolux worked with even greater comfort, the devices described above, connect the additional electronics, such as a lamp lighting, temperature detectors, devices for thawing ice.

Repair of refrigerators Electrolux assumes failure of the heat exchange components. If you notice in his art, what a fault, bold trust experts from the workshop of the company «Sneginka», which will repair not only affordable, but also affordable.

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