Repair «Atlant» company’s refrigerators


Often the repair of many refrigerators is called a simple violation of the rules of operation, and this rule does not shy away from firm Atlant refrigerators.

At the present time, with low temperature storage manufacturers brand Atlant refrigerators are available with different functions in the individual sections, and single-chamber models without freezer. In order to ensure that your equipment lasts you a long time, some of the rules on service should be observed. For example, refrigerators, having a low-temperature chamber, which requires that they were thawed by hand. But Atlanta is not a model having the camera automatically thawed. The whole process is due to the smooth operation of the compressor. Under the influence of warm air, the compressor performs cyclic stop, thus cooling the wall is automatically defrosted.

Manufacturers company Atlant recommend defrosting do every three or four months. Also just defrost the refrigerator, it is necessary for hygienic purposes, not to spread unwanted bacteria in the cells.

Quality components are used in the assembly of the brand Atlant refrigerators play a significant role. The models of refrigerators of the company, are equipped with modern system of «frost free». This system is responsible for the combined defrost. Due to the smooth operation of the compressor, which is located on the inside of the cooler, cooling takes place. At a time when it is switched off, there is a thaw. So there is a full operating cycle.

Thus, the observance of certain rules on care, operation and maintenance, will help to significantly increase the life span and the robot specific parts in your vehicle. However, failure to comply with these rules of repair of refrigerators Atlant at home may need.

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