Perfect for large families — Smeg FQ60XPE refrigerator


Smeg companies in the market of household appliances presented an innovative product — the four-sided refrigerator FQ60HPE. The peculiarity of this refrigerator in a unique design. He also practical, convenient, versatile and durable, so that the repair of the refrigerator Smeg FQ60HPE not have to think of the coming decades.

Refrigerator for large families

Refrigerator Smeg FQ60HPE will find for a large family, as it is extremely roomy. Its useful volume is 610 liters, so it is possible to store a huge number of products.

The difference between the refrigerator Smeg FQ60HPE from other bilateral models is multi-functional layout: Additional multiroom located at the bottom can be used as a refrigeration compartment and a freezer. Adjusting the temperature on your own can be done via a convenient external display.

The entire upper part of the refrigerator Smeg FQ60HPE takes freezer, where 83 centimeters allotted under the glass shelves that can support very large heavy meals. This refrigerator is a real boon for housewives who value practicality.


What used innovative solutions

The Fridge Smeg FQ60HPE reflected some innovative solutions to increase the performance of the refrigerator and take care of the health of the host.

Unique Active Backlight Blue Light allows for a long time to keep in fruits and vegetables vitamins that need so urban residents.

Everyone of course knows that when frozen foods lose their useful properties. However, this model is equipped with a refrigerator humidity control function, providing inside the freezing and refrigerating air circulation, which allows to store food for a long time without the need for freezing.

Refrigerator is completely constructed from stainless steel with a special, soil pick-coated. Self-adjusting system for energy class A +. «Smart» Smeg FQ60HPE analyzes and adjusts power consumption.

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