What should be guided in choosing the refrigerator?

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In modern times with the emergence of a wide range of home appliances and new technologies, consumers are becoming more difficult to determine the choice of the refrigerator. On what to look for when choosing a refrigeration? — Examine this issue in more detail. The main parameters that should be inherent in every refrigerator is:

Net capacity, ie the number of chambers and sections inside the unit

Features and Modes

The optimal number of cameras

Reliability and durability

Quality engineering

Refrigerators with a single camera is recommended to choose in the event that you are not going to store it in a large number of products. This embodiment may be omitted freezer, or it may be located in the upper part of the refrigerator. This type of refrigerator, perfect for giving or for small families.

Refrigerators with two chambers are the most popular among buyers. In its arsenal they have separate freezing and refrigerating compartments with different doors. This option is the most compact equipment, but at the same time is very roomy.

Refrigerators with three cameras are equipped with additional areas for food storage. In these sections the temperature is 0 ˚ C and a relative humidity of about 50%, which provides the best conditions for storage of fresh vegetables or fruit.

Often, you want to repair the refrigerator, which occurs due to a rare thaw technology. To exhort the operation of the refrigerator, and make it easier, in new models of refrigeration equipment, including functions «No frost», which provides for automatic defrost.

The most important characteristic is its refrigeration energy consumption. Most economic models are considered to be refrigerator-class «A».

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