Liebherr new refrigerators


Longer preservation of food freshness

Liebherr Group of Companies specializes in the manufacture of household and large industrial equipment, the company enjoys a reputation as a reliable manufacturer. Household refrigerators and freezers Liebherr cameras are very popular because they combine the low power consumption, functionality and stylish design. Particularly popular consumer electronics manufacturer that won a patented BioFresh technology.

This significant feature refrigerators gave the following advantages:

  • The walls of the refrigerator and packaged products are not affected by the formation of ice;
  • In offices formed the necessary temperature conditions for the storage of meat, fruits, vegetables;
  • It does not require defrosting;






Emphasis manufacturer gives performance home appliances. It must be remembered that the repair of refrigerators Liebherr is often required due to non-observance of operating, prescribed by the manufacturer. In time eliminating clogging of the capillaries, and without putting excessive stress technique, it is possible for a long time to extend the service life of the unit.

What caused the high quality of food storage

A wide range of Liebherr domestic appliances function allows not only the economical operation of the refrigerator, and good conditions for both fresh and frozen products. Refrigerators of this brand come with options Super Cool, BioFresh Plus and Super Fresh, whereby an ideal microclimate is formed inside the chamber.

The manufacturer fills its products quality thermal insulation, it helps if a power failure to maintain the required temperature in the cells for 43-46 hours. It is not to be feared that require repair of refrigerators Liebherr as well as household appliances perfectly adapted for use in unusual conditions. A large number of models of Liebherr refrigeration units are resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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